Maui 2015: Days 15, 16 and 17

The last time they were here, Cal and Susan snorkeled at Kapalua Beach, just north of us. So the two of them and Amber and I headed over there early-ish (to avoid crowds) one morning and had a great time. There is a sandy part of the beach that makes it easy to go in and come out. (It’s also sheltered by a coral reef, so no large waves will wash your glasses away, Karen. Lots of colorful fish, of course, and one I’ve never seen before: it was round with a blunt noise like a mahi-mahi, about four inches long and silver colored with a bright blue rim around its edge. Everyone but me 😦 saw a turtle in the water, even though Amber did try to point it out to me.

Lunches these past few days have been at Hula Grill and Star Noodle. Dinners are cooked by Susan, Cal and Karen at Rich and Judy’s Westin condo. Needless to say, we have been eating very well. Tonight Karen’s making a pork tenderloin dish, for which she needs a mallet to flatten the meat. But since our condo doesn’t have one, she thought to ask John if she could borrow his hammer, which of course he was happy to loan her. Once she started in on her meat, she said it worked better than her made-for-the-task meat mallet at home.

It was whale soup out there on our whale watch today. I’ve added Richard’s map of our boat route. First whale watching trip for both Amber and Alex!

IMG_6290 IMG_3962 IMG_3574 IMG_3565 IMG_6284 IMG_3981 IMG_3979 IMG_3985 IMG_3987 IMG_3978 IMG_3988 IMG_3967 IMG_4028 IMG_3575 IMG_3729 IMG_3993 IMG_3995 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4011 IMG_4001 IMG_4000 IMG_3996 IMG_4014 IMG_4003 IMG_3722 IMG_3584 IMG_3720 IMG_3657 IMG_3648 IMG_3624 WhaleWatch_2015-02-19_16-22-51