Maui 2015: Day 18

Today was a day for doing your own thing. Amber and Alex took the road to Hana, destination: the Seven Sacred Pools. Amber photographed their trip beautifully. By the time they got back to the condo, they eagerly chowed down with us. Come to find out, all they had eaten during their trip was 10 crackers, five apiece!

Richard, Judy, Cal and Susan hiked the Dragon’s Teeth trail. They found and walked the labyrinth, which looked beautiful. Thanks to Susan for pictures of their adventures. This is definitely on my to-do list before we leave.

Karen and I stayed around our simple little condo with the five million dollar view. We read, took naps and Karen cooked. We also watched the crew trim the palms trees, which Irene told Karen is done every three months. The trimmer this year did not climb with spiked boots but instead, used a platform that he moved up the tree by pulling himself up with his arms and then shifting the platform up, a foot or two at a time. Wow, lots of work.

For the evening meal, Cal cooked hamburgers on the grill (that I cleaned, woo hoo!) and Karen made a caprese pasta salad.

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