Maui 2015: Day 20

Yesterday we decided on Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop for our last meal with everyone. It’s south of us, on the way to the airport, so the location worked out well with Richard and Judy leaving today and Susan and Cal relocating in Kihei. We’ve been here once before and remember the food as delicious and it was! I had the pastrami sandwich and Karen had the Reuben—outstanding!

So we said our goodbyes but at the end of the day, Richard and Judy did not leave. When their plane came to the gate, the crew reported air coming in one of the door seals. Not good! They had been at the airport since noon-ish and the flight was canceled at 8:15. Looooong day. Finally, they were given a shuttle ride to a hotel and took another flight home the next day.

Karen found this nut on the ground below a tree as we were going into Long’s drugstore. We were intrigued by the texture and form, but don’t know what it is.

We have heard the Hawaiian term, “pau hana” (“after work”) many times. Recently a waitress at Hula Grill told Karen she loved the drink Karen ordered and was going to have it herself pau hana. In today’s paper, I noticed the entertainment section is called “Pau Hana.” Even though languages are hard for me to learn, I do enjoy trying.


Maui 2015: Day 21

This morning, Karen and I hiked part of the Kapalua Coastal Trail to walk the labyrinth. It is in such a gorgeous spot and a profoundly peaceful experience. After lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate with beautiful drinks, we swam and read, then enjoyed another sweet sunset.


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