Maui 2015: Day 26

Today was our last full day on the island; we leave tomorrow night at 11:15.

It was cloudy and drizzling so we headed south to get some hulihuli chicken for lunch from the roadside stand where they cook it on weekends. The traffic was heavy and it took us forever, but we didn’t care! Except. No one was cooking chicken today. They must not have liked how the weather looked.

Karen suggested then that we have lunch in Paia at Flatbread, our favorite pizza place. On a chilly, rainy day, a wood oven pizza place sounded like a great idea, so that’s what we did. I saw a beautiful handcrafted wood surfboard on the wall and took a picture for Alex as he said the only souvenir he wanted to take home from Maui was a simple surfboard.

On the way back to our car we stopped by The Great Pai’a LHA BAB Peace Stupa, an outdoor Buddhist shrine. Inside was a prayer wheel where you offer prayers while walking and turning the large prayer wheel. It is believed as the prayer wheel turns, the millions of written prayers contained inside go out into the world and give blessings of love and peace to the environment and all beings. I like this symbolism and found it peaceful and sacred. I’m glad we stopped.

Back to the condo, even though it was cloudy, we went down to the beach to read and whale watch. And for our efforts, two green turtles came up on shore.

Sunset was a huge surprise tonight. With all the clouds and rain we thought there wouldn’t be a sunset. But color filled the sky and lasted for a very long time.

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