Maui 2015: Day 27

Our last day. Even though we’re leaving today (but not until 11:15 p.m.) we rent our condo for this day so we can enjoy the whole day and sunset.

Heavy rain first thing this morning, but by the time we were ready for our walk it was fine. As is often the case in Maui, the weather can change from cloudy/raining to beautiful blue, sunny skies. And back again.

We wanted to spend some time on the beach; John and Irene joined us for one last visit. They are leaving this gig in June but we plan on seeing them in Minnesota when they do their car tour before heading home to Missouri.

Sunset was at 6:30, so around 7:30 we were in the car, in plenty of time for the hour ride to the airport. But almost immediately, we were in stand-still traffic with no options except to wait it out because there is basically only the one road to get to the other side of the mountain. After at least an hour of waiting and going NOWHERE, we started talking about what we should do if we missed our flight. But just then the traffic started moving (there had been an accident) and we were on our way with, what we thought was, just enough time in get to Maui’s small airport, turn in the rental, clear the agricultural inspection, check-in bags, go through security and get to our gate. However, when we walked into the terminal it was a mad house at Delta. A crazy Delta woman directed all of us who had checked in online to a queue for bag drop off. But there was no one there to actually do the bag check-in. After a loooong wait, someone did show up, but the line moved so slowly (because she had to run back and forth between multiple check-in spots?!) we knew we would miss our flight. Our fellow grumbling customers started leaving the line and checking their bags at the stand outside, so we ran with ours too and got them taken care of immediately. Since Karen and I both got TSA precheck, we quickly moved through security and then sprinted to the farthest gate in the terminal (39!) to arrive as our section was being called to board.

Our flight went smoothly with the help of lots of movies—me on my iPad, Karen on her laptop. Although neither of us slept, we felt pretty good once we got home around 2:00. (We did take an hour nap to take the edge off.)The best welcome home was this text from Rosanna:

On my lunch break, I drove to Jenny’s to pick up Gus and ferry him to Megan’s for the afternoon. Gus from the backseat: “I’m wiggling with joy. So excited to see grandpa & grandma tomorrow!”

We pick up Gus tomorrow at 11:15 at day care and then take him home to wait for Harper to be dropped off around 3:30. Karen and I are “wiggling with anticipated joy”!

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