Goodbye, Auntie Jane! Goodbye.

Zanna’s sister, Jane, is leaving Minneapolis and her position as a Hennepin County public defender to take a similar position in Bethel, Alaska. A town that is built on permafrost and accessible only by air and river.

Last evening there was a family goodbye-party for her and of course there were many stories, laughs, tears and hugs. This Auntie has been such a presence in H&G’s lives. And when Harper got sick, Auntie Jane’s care for Harper and her family was as remarkable as it was creative.

Jane is flying off to Alaska Saturday. After she gets settled, I look forward to hearing her Alaskan tales, including sled dog adventures. And in order to keep her connected with us, and especially Harper and Gus, I’m going to fill this site with lots of kid stuff. So beware!

God speed, Jane! You will be so deeply missed.

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