Spring break

Last week was spring break for Harper and Gus, so Grandma and I were b-u-s-y!

Gus wanted to show Harper the new playground we discovered, across the street from the Mendota Heights Fire Department. After tearing around on all the play stuff, over the hill the kids found a mother lode of pinecones and secretly filled Grandma’s purse. Grandpa got into trouble for that one.

Harper got to join Gus in our favorite pastime of hunting free samples at Kowalskis. On this expedition we tracked down small pieces of bread with flavored olive oils—lots of discussion about our likes and dislikes. And, of course, we had a long visit to the library where Karen read all 18 books the kids checked out. Other kids even came close to hear the stories.

And what is a spring vacation without a trip to Granny Donuts? While devouring their chocolate donuts, who should call to face-time with H&G but Auntie Jane from Bethel, Alaska! It was perfect timing and they all had a good chat.

The empty double lot next to our condo is a favorite play area for the kids, but we just learned it is being sold. So when they heard this, H&G wanted to get in some playtime there. That day’s adventure was building a fairy house. I watched for hours as the kids picked small rocks and hauled them to a large rock. Most of the rocks they liked were on the top of a high ridge so they spent a lot of energy running up and down with their treasures (it didn’t take Harper long to figure out how to talk Gus into doing most of the running. After they had enough building materials, it was time to build. Absolutely a blessing to watch and listen to them skillfully design and build this house. Somehow in all this fun, we got in a trip to meet Zanna at the dentist for H&G checkups.

Easter dinner was with our little family. On the way over, we got a text that H&G had been playing “fort” but they got so cozy they fell asleep, recovering from their way-too-early Easter rise. Dinner was non-traditional but kid-approved homemade pizza (and beer). We laughed through dinner as E&Z talked about the prep phase—Eric, who is used to working with sourdough starter, forgot to proof the yeast on the first batch of pizza dough. While kneading the second batch in the mixer, the top fell off and dumped metal shavings into the dough. Eric then fixed the mixer and was working on the third batch of dough when the top fell off again and ruined the dough. Zanna made a quick trip to the co-op for frozen dough (and flatbread, just in case). Then, when poor Dad was finishing the pizzas, the grill rusted through and fell over, breaking his sort of new pizza stone in the process. As they were recounting all these disasters, the smoke alarm went off and we all burst out laughing!