Last Thursday was the long-awaited performance of Dornröschen (Sleeping Beauty), by Harper’s first grade class, with Harper in the title role. It was very fun and the kids did a great job. The teachers were especially impressive in their graceful but effective control of all that 7-year-old energy!

Harper had used her family as an audience for many practice performances. (Gus was given the special task of announcing the beginning, middle and end of the play.) By Thursday, Gus knew so many of Harper’s lines that Zanna reminded him before the play began to not say the lines out loud. J

Harper peeking out from the curtain, waiting for the right time to make her entrance, just tickled me.

And at the end of the play after everyone took their bows, the kids received roses from their classroom and performance art teachers. As soon as everyone dispersed, Harper came over and gave her rose to Gus ….


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