Where did that week go!?

Chef Eric invited us over on Father’s Day for a tamale feast (green chile chicken tamales wrapped in corn husks and red chile pork/beef short ribs tamales wrapped in banana leaves). Man! Were they good! He had everything prepped when we got there and then was ably assisted by sous chefs Zanna and Karen in rolling the tamales. Grandma is still dreaming of them!

Kortes are known wrestlers, and this little family is no exception. For Father’s Day, Eric was presented with a one-of-a-kind, WPW (Weenonah Place Wresting) t-shirt. After dinner, H&G challenged Papa for the championship, but EEK emerged victorious. For now.

H had a Gillette OT appointment this week. While sitting in the room, watching all the goings on, I was deeply touched by the heart-felt care of the therapists, grandparents and parents. I loved observing the relationship the therapists had with the kids and families—they filled the room with joy and the possibility of getting better (which helped offset how hard it is for me to see kids in a hospital). I love H’s new ball cap so I got a good shot of her on the Gillette skyway.

Harper was at the Science Museum’s Camp Curie all week, held at St. Kate’s. Gus and I enjoyed dropping her off and picking her up each day, as the campus is gorgeous this time of year, with flowers flowers everywhere. (I took a few classes there and both of H’s grandmothers graduated from St. Kate’s.) On the last day the camp held an open house in Karen’s old Anatomy and Physiology lecture room (quite a 45-year trip down memory lane for her). The kids presented their projects—but all week H had been telling us about pottery, circuits and alligator clips.

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