2015 Erickson Family Party

Mike and Christie hosted today’s family gathering. Perfect weather and a perfect spot, with large areas for ball games, bean bag toss, and a trampoline, with beautifully planted fields surrounding all.

The food was delicious with lots of shared dishes along with a BBQ competition between Kris,Paul, Jeff, Kris and Mike. Three judges, taking their responsibilities seriously, deliberated and then delivered the verdict: Kris won in the chicken category and Jeff in the pork!

I think the highlight of the day for Harper was the trampoline, while for Gus it was the drum set in the garage.

As much as I love Facebook, it sure doesn’t hold a candle to actually being together, sitting in the shade with a BBQ-filled plates, chatting about new homes, college plans, vacation plans and family memories.

Many times today I thought of Helen and Gus and how their lives helped create this wonderful family. I thought about their parenting and grandparenting values and how those have influenced us all.

There was talk of a fall Erickson Family gathering and a soup contest. I’m looking forward to it already!

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