Saturday Karen and I headed to NE Minneapolis with friends Karen and Joe McQuillan (I worked with them at Oak Park Heights) for lunch at Anchor Fish and Chips (thanks EEK) and a couple brews at Dangerous Man Brewery (thanks EEK) for their Chocolate Milk Stout and Peanut Butter Porter. The fish at Anchor was outstanding and we will be back. Karen and I loved the Chocolate Milk Stout—great sipping beer; the Peanut Butter Porter was interesting but a few tastes were enough for both of us. The brewery was full and loud so too much for those of us with hearing challenges. But all in all, a very fun day!

E&Z&H&G took off Thursday morning for Grandpa Whitey’s Madeline Island cabin. But. We had lots of fun in our three days.

Monday: Choo Choo Bob’s to look around and play with trains. Harper saw one of the guys from the Choo Choo Bob show, walking around the store, and she was thrilled: she saw a movie star!

Tuesday: Como pool day! It was a little cool so we didn’t stay too long but the kids had a good time. In addition to being cool, the Canadians forest fire smoke drifted over us and blocked the sunlight.

Wednesday: The kids pulled an idea out of the hat and Lunch with Mama was the winner. Z was pleasantly surprised when texted her to see if she could do lunch. I think the outing made her day.

Everyday, Grandma read lots of books and still the kids yelled: “Read, read, read, please!” They also did a 200-piece puzzle. I was floored they’d have the patience to complete it in one day.

And last but not least, Harper rollerbladed every day. I thought we should go outside, and we did, but she really loved skating in the parking garage; inexplicably to me, she preferred that surface, and indeed, her stride was easier and longer there.


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