The Schroeder Area Historical Society ‘s annual fundraiser is an Edwin Lundie/Vacation Home Tour. This was their 11th and Karen signed us up immediately. We didn’t really know what to expect—Karen just loves Lundie’s style, so whatever. But this tour was phenomenal; the speakers, the arrangements, and of course, the cabins were outstanding.

Dale Mulfinger (architect, author) introduced the main speaker, Spike Carlsen, carpenter and past editor of The Family Handyman, who built his cabin with his newly blended family. Then he wrote “Cabin Lessons,” which he thought was going to be a technical manual but ended up being a love story.

We had just enough time, before the tour started, to we drive as fast as we could up to Angry Trout in Grand Marais for their dream-worthy fish and chips. With a great and fast waiter we made it back in time to catch the bus. As Karen said, definitely worth the hustle!

The six cabins/vacation homes were wide-ranging in size and style and age, each a clear reflection of their owners. Our favorite was the last cabin, the Rolig Havin (Lundie Olson Cabin), built 1948-1952, with a guest house addition (by Mulfinger) several years ago. The home sits on a rocky ledge of Lake Superior and this is where we all were served a picnic dinner with beer, wine, brats, and pie.

We stayed at our favorite place on the North Shore, Cove Point in Beaver Bay. Our room (#126, I’m going to remember this one!) on the first floor had a little porch, secluded from the rest of the property, right off the room, with two Adirondack chairs. Three woodchucks (Blair had to ID them for us) came to munch our grass (or whatever it was they were eating).

One night Karen woke up at 3:00 and couldn’t get back to sleep, so she got dressed and went to read in the lodge. She got to talking with the night clerk and found out he too has trouble sleeping (he said he only sleeps every other night!). Then the next thing she knew he was laying out a fire for her in the fireplace and asking if she’d like a warm blueberry muffin, which he delivered with butter, plate, knife and napkin. Such service!

Sunday we headed home, reluctantly, but first had to drive north to Grand Marais again for plain, HOT, cake donuts at one of Karen’s favorite places, World’s Best Donuts. The morning was chilly and we were wearing chamois shirts but we were bracing ourselves for a heat index above 100 in the cities.

Lunchtime found us conveniently around Duluth, so we hit up another one of our favorites—Lakeview Café (the fish is always good and today was no exception). I always have to see if there are any ships coming in or out of the harbor—there weren’t—but one was sitting a ways out waiting to come in.

If you’re interested, here’s a good article about the tour:

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