September 1st Gus starts German Immersion kindergarten, marking the end of our eight-year grandkid care chapter. It’s so difficult to express what a wonderful thing being a grandparent has been and how special the word is “Grandpa” is when I hear it called out from Harper and Gus. Karen gets teary whenever it comes up that our special time is coming to an end. She found this description of grandparenthood, which I’ve changed just a bit; it’s the best I’ve heard:

“As a grandparent I can be present in a different way than I could as a young parent. It’s not being a grandparent as a role; it is about a relationship between the kids and me. It’s about being present with them. It’s a sacred trust.”

So let’s turn that page and see what’s in store for us!

Photojournal entries:

  • Gus wanted to go to the “Moose” for dinner one night (when H was having a regular kidney check-in. The waiter was fun and thrilled Gus by putting his leftover’s in a special box. J
  • Seeing Harper off to camp.
  • High school and college friends and their wives celebrated John (and Jean) Huber’s retirement (and new deck). He was a college friend and he and his wife now live just up the hill from us, as it turns out!
  • Of course, many, many books were read, as well as walking, biking, setting up for Night to Unite, helping (!) Grandma grocery shop (otherwise known as: “What samples do they have today?!”), cheering Mom on her YWCA triathlon, assembling very small Lego sets with detailed instructions, playing with toys and somehow including our vacuum cleaner as a special part of the fun.

I’m sure going to miss all of this!

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