This kid-packed blog is for you, Auntie Jane (in Bethel, Alaska)! We all are missing you so much!

E & Z are smack dab in the middle of a major kitchen remodel. The kitchen’s been gutted, the wall removed between the kitchen and dining room, and the door from kitchen to hall sheetrocked over. Now the new wood floor, cabinets, countertops and windows are being installed.

They’re also having all the floors refinished. So after moving everything out to the garage or basement, E & Z stayed a week in the condo’s guest suite and H & G stayed with us. The kids got to look over lots of color swatches and pick out their new bedroom paint color(s); when they couldn’t agree, Z text-mediated a compromise: Pineapple for the walls and Cool Juniper for the ceiling.

Harper invited Grandma and me to her last gymnastics class. We were so impressed with her teacher who had to go it alone that night, as her usual helpers were sick or starting school. She was remarkable, keeping those bundles of energy amazingly engaged and safe on all the equipment. H had big a smile the whole time—she really enjoys the physical challenges.

And Harper had her last summer camp: Get Set to be a Vet, put on by the Science Museum. On the last day she came back to the condo and couldn’t wait to show Grandma her doctor gear.

To finish up the summer, we spent time at parks and the pool. The kids got physicals for school (check out Gus’s eye-testing glasses) and Gus got a new haircut. Now it’s time for German Immersion school: Gus in kindergarten and Harper second grade. I’m looking forward to the day when they can tell secrets between themselves and we are clueless.

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