Gus’s 6th birthday (for the relations) was filled with presents, including Gus’s and my favorites: remote control vehicles! Yea! But darn, not enough time or batteries.

One of the most special corrections people, Margaret Thron, retired after 39 years of service. She was the executive assistant for six different wardens. Great turnout for this popular lady. A few days before her celebration, Lift Bridge Brewery came out with a “Warden” beer, which would have been great (if I’d planned ahead) to have at the party.

Karen and I are still missing our H&G time. However, Friday, German Immersion was closed for conferences so we had the kids. Karen got in some reading, including while H took a bath (and Gus hung out at the doorway) as well as the usual cozy spot on the couch.

Every year German Immersion celebrates St. Martin’s Day with a celebration at St. Paul’s Landmark Center. Harper’s 2nd grade class sang and acted in the skit. My favorite part was after the performance when all the kids held their handmade lanterns and followed a woman on horseback to Rice Park. Beautiful night.

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