Karen and I are on a Texas culinary road trip with our friends Bonnie and Tony Coffey.  Today we hit the hightlight (and the impetus for the trip) with lunch at Franklin BBQ.  I will post more about our trip but I am so excited I want to post this part now. Here is the email Karen wrote to our son.

“Oh Eric. You have to go. I had high high expectations and was not disappointed. The brisket and ribs were sooooo delicious in their saltpepperwood simplicity. They had a lot of sauces to choose from but I couldn’t imagine putting anything on them. We got the fatty brisket and I wish we’d gotten both so I could have tried the leaner too. We got one sausage but I didn’t care for that (no one did). They also put some pulled pork on our tray because we were from Minnesota (?!) and that was as delicious as the brisket and ribs. We had the coleslaw which was perfect with the meats. We also got the banana bourbon pie (okay) and pecan pie (very good). I had the pale mosaic and loved it (I’m not sure what the others had to drink). All the staff and customers were super relaxed and friendly, which made the wait even pleasant (plus they had chairs for us early birds to sit in). We got there at 8:45 and were easily in the first wave. What a way to end the trip! (Got a t-shirt for you!)”


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