The last two weeks our two little munchkins filled our days and hearts—and then some. All the usual activities were snuck in: reading, Granny Donuts, Good Times Park, reading, legos, reading, coloring, paying off a bet with DQ’s, reading, drawing, reading. And, of course, general pandemonium. Really fun to see how much the kids have grown in their play, like Gus on the bounce pad, which had been fun but a challenge; this time he acted like an old pro.

One day Harper and I went to the MN Zoo (Gus had a cold and wanted to stay home with Grandma.) But she and I made the rounds to every inside exhibit. The penguins were her favorite. She so wanted to touch a shark but just couldn’t bring herself to do it.

Last week H&G decided to start a Lego school. They were the teachers and for some reason (?!) I was not allowed in the class. However, after some begging, Gus gave me a nametag for the class with strict instructions: GPNRSL (translation: Grandpa, no wrestling!)

We continued the wonderful Christmas Eve tradition of having Zanna’s family for dinner. E&Z&H&G along with Aunties Mary and Jane (in from Alaska) came a little early to open presents. Grandma Kaki and her husband John joined us a little later.

Yesterday was our last full day with the kids before they go back to school. Karen was reading them one of the Ivy & Bean books (they’ve read the whole 10-book series at least twice). This one was about making money by writing a newspaper for the neighborhood. Well! They took off with that idea (not the money part) and made a 4-page paper, The Fireworks, to deliver to our friends on the 4th floor of our condo (the original went home for Mama and Papa). In just a week, Gus has gone from being fine writing messages with just the initial sound of each word (see above nametag) to asking Karen how to spell every word.

Now Karen and I will begin to daydream about our February Maui trip. On the sad side, this will be the first time in maybe 10 years that we’ll miss Richard and Judy in Hawaii because they’re taking Scott, Chris and Dylan in March for spring break. But on the happy side, Kris and Blair are visiting the island the same time we are, in a condo just a few buildings down from us. Aloha!


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