It’s that time of year again!

Yep, we’re in our little Maui condo. But before that, our trip began with an H&G sleepover and then an E&Z&H&G Bon Voyage dinner.

Sleepover traditions include Carbone’s pizza, movies, popcorn and bedtime stories (of course). This time, because E&Z were cooking, the kids also stayed with us the next day. I love slow starting the day with these little beings. After breakfast, Harper wanted to take a bath; she was in the tub so long she said her fingers looked like brains (and she was right). Grandma took a chair and read an Ivy & Bean book to her during this hours-long soak; Gus played with his legos in the doorway so he could hear the stories. After lunch we got to see Karen’s long awaited Kung Fu Panda 3, which, oddly, we all enjoyed.

E&Z made us a delicious Indian dinner with lamb curry, rice, dal, and naan. Then, apropos of nothing really, Gus sketched portraits of Karen and me. He was very serious and intent while doing this work, wanting us to hold still, as he carefully looked at us, drew, looked at us again, and so on. He did an amazing job, I think.

The kids gave us lots of extra hugs, “I love you’s” and snuggling. A more wonderful send-off I cannot imagine.

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