We’re in our morning routine now: Maui coffee, cereal, walk. The new little things catch my eye: neighbors selling coconuts, a bus stop seat made of pallets; palm trees being trimmed. As Karen was photographing the hibiscus, the property owner came out to tell us it was a “Hula Girl.” She was proud of the beautiful bush and said she gets lots of “feedback” from walkers when she has to trim it.

Lunch at Hula Grill yesterday—always great food and the view is gorgeous. We split a mahi filet and nairagi (striped marlin) tacos. And might have had Lime in Da Coconut drinks.

Pupus (at the condo) are every Thursday evening before sunset. It’s an easy and simple affair, but a lot of fun and nice to get to know who’s sunning beside you. J

Friday we finally felt like tootling around the island (end of jet lag!) so we drove about 30 minutes to Kihei for a fish taco truck lunch (Susan and Cal: it’s the South Maui Fish Co. When you’re here, if you feel like something simple, we’d highly recommend it.) and a walk in the Keālia Pond bird sanctuary. Two of Hawaii’s endangered water birds, the Hawaiian coot and Hawaiian stilt, can be seen here, as well as birds from Asia and North America who come for food, rest, and a warmer climate.

Had a nice chat with Bev the other property manager and gave her a small break as she was working hard on the landscaping along the lava wall in the front of the building.

We brought a little bit of home with us, in the form of the coasters made from H&G’s school artwork.

And speaking of home, E&Z&H&G skyped this evening. Highlights were: Harper’s going to have her “ears taken out tomorrow”—read earrings—and Gus had his first spelling test which he declared to be “easy peasy.”

Eric sent us this chart to keep track of all our important activities. Karen’s been keeping it up. I’m obviously in fish heaven!



books read


fish eaten


fish cooked



David Eddie Would Go mahi x4



G&T x3

Lime in da Coconut

Karen The Burning Room

When Breath Becomes Air

Cheap Shot

mahi x2



G&T x3

Lime in da Coconut

Tomorrow afternoon Karen’s sister Kris and her husband Blair arrive! We are so excited to welcome them back after eight years.

Skyped with Richard tonight as he wanted to see the blowing of the conch shell at sunset, sweet!


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