Maui Day 13

Karen took the photo of a package of chicken wings. What?! Well, she’s been on a mission to grill chicken wings but has not had any luck finding them (all the other parts are for sale, just not wings—weird). Well she finally settled for these packages of wings at the Times market because it was that or nothing. But the parts looked liked random hacked pieces from who knows where. Anyway, she thought it was fascinating in a perverse sort of way.

Something old, something new this Valentine’s Day. I always hide boxes of candy hearts for Karen to find, and I’m happy to report she found them all in record time! And while we ALWAYS go to Mama’s for lunch on this special day, we decided on Honu this year because our recent Mama’s lunch with Kris and Blair was just so perfect. On the dessert menu they listed After Dinner Beers—had never seen that before. Then in the evening we saw one of our favorite musicians, Kealii Reichel, in concert at the Maui Cultural Center. He also teaches hula and his students are part of the show. (He’s nominated for a Grammy and is also presenting tonight.) The MCC also had an exhibit of printmakers we enjoyed (Susan and Cal, if you’re reading this, you would love this place.)

Maui Day 14

Lazy morning and then we picked up fellow Summit condo owners, Mary Ann and her sister MT, for lunch at the Hula Grill. (We’ve been there so much lately it feels like family.) Karen and I really enjoyed having a chance to talk with these two delightful women over a long lunch; a luxury compared to the typically short conversations we have, coming and going in the parking garage at home. Then they wanted to see our place, so we stopped by for a quick tour—of mostly the view 🙂