Walking to the beach this morning to check out our ever-changing beach, I had to smile at the pattern in Brian’s perfectly raked sand.

Karen and I hiked the Coastal Trail today—sunny, windy, lots of whale activity, beautiful scenery. I took a shot of the waves with back mist for Karen. When we were at Mama’s she asked our server if there was an Hawaiian name for that part of the wave, and he told her, “ehukai.”

(Note to Richard and Cal: We started the walk at the beginning of the trail at Kapalua Bay Beach, before the condo parking lot we usually use. If beach parking is full there is easy parking across the street at the tennis courts and then an easy walk down the hill. This is a very beautiful section of trail and it is all nicely paved and the grounds surrounding it are beautiful. And p.s., we did bring water (!) and did not get lost getting back to the car. ☺)

Early afternoon a heavy rainstorm with strong winds hit, fun change of pace from you know, perfect, sunshiny days. When it was safe to open up the lanai doors again, I heard a deep boom … boom … boom. What the?!? It was a whale, close to our shore, slapping its tail! Eight or ten times, I’d guess. I blew the conch shell to alert the neighbors there was something they should see and a few did come out.