Full moon this morning at sunrise.

Morning duties: check on the sand (the big waves didn’t change the beach at all really) and give Brian moral support during his daily chores.

I was having wardrobe malfunctions (those big waves can be a challenge with a swimsuit that doesn’t stay up) so I went to Lahaina to find a new one this afternoon. (When I got home I gave it a good test in the ocean and pool and you’ll be happy to know it held up nicely.)

Karen bought a lovely print at a local gallery and afterwards we shared a pineapple and coconut shave ice with ice cream. Very, very good!

While walking around town, we saw firefighters dealing with a minor situation and police officers supplying security. I walked up to an officer and said he must be happy he is a Maui police officer and not a firefighter, as he would have to wear all that hot turn out gear. He laughed and said not really as firefighters get all the chicks. I mentioned my nephew was a police officer in San Francisco and asked if I could have a picture with him to show my nephew. He was happy to do it and mentioned we both should be giving the shaka. I told him I was a retired Minnesota corrections officer with 30-year of service. He very nicely thanked me for my service and said it was good to see I was enjoying my well-deserved retirement. I agreed 🙂