More sand came in overnight so our beautiful beach is even bigger.

The desire to just hang out at our place, on this second to the last day, was very strong with both of us. Aside from our morning walk, I only left briefly to get some POG. You can’t run out of POG.

Some whale activity today but Karen and I have been thinking it is much less this year. The annual Maui humpback whale count was yesterday and the results are in: we are right! The count was half as much as last year. El Nino is thought to be causing their migration to be later than usual. February is usually the peak but now they think the peak hasn’t happened yet.

Got a nice close-up (staying a respectful distance away, of course) of one of our frequent turtle visitors.

Brian was out putting yellow caution paint on the step edges, for which Karen is most appreciative, as she tripped over the bottom stair when we first got here.

Tonight I thought it would be fun to watch sunset with our feet in the pool. While we were sitting there, our neighbor Kim thought we looked cute(!) and took a nice photo of us.