I’m lazy today. I caught a cold and my spark is dim. But, if you are going to have a cold, you might as well have it on Maui, spending time with your sweetheart!

I have a few photos of the ever-shifting beach sand and a few of our beautiful grounds at Hoychi Nikko. The comings and goings of the sand is a mystery and we watch it with fascination.

We went on our second whale watch today and saw many moms & calves just slowly moving through the ocean. This was one of the quietest, if not the quietest, whale watches we’ve been on— which is fine with us because we enjoy just being out on the water. But I felt bad for the first-timers. However, the kayakers may have had the ride of their lives as a mom and calf were next to them for a long time. The naturalist on board was the best we ever had, with detailed, up-to-date knowledge of the whales, history of the islands, and Hawaiian and local culture. He was a local kid so I think that made the difference. (He had recently broken up with this girlfriend so of course Karen was discussing that with him. I never tire to see strangers come up to her and pour out their souls.)