For the first time ever, we got early flights (2:00 pm) out of Hawaii so our last night we fully enjoyed dinner (thank you, JoAnn, for the wine!) and sunset without worrying about if there would be an accident (not uncommon—we almost missed our flight a couple years ago) on the one and only highway around the island.

The last morning we got a few gifts at U’i, and had an early lunch at A Saigon Café. (We had lunch there earlier with Richard and JoAnn; Richard found the owner the perfect guy for his style of banter.) Karen took a photo in the restaurant of a window with condiments in the foreground, used Prisma to make it more impressionistic, and then made a print for “Hey You Charlie.” He was tickled.

We got to the airport early and had one last Mai Tai. Man oh man, was it delicious.

When we got home we discovered our sweet angels had made a valentine card for us with the gift of a little puzzle inside. Our hearts definitely needed a little warming after a looooong trip. My present to myself was also waiting for us—some Maui coffee to extend the trip a bit.

Well, that’s all the Hawaii for this year. We’re booked for next year (and 2019 and 2020). Richard’s reserved his place at the Westin to coincide with our 2018 dates. Yippee!