This week whizzed by with lots of energy, silliness, playfulness, and helpfulness (they are growing up!).

Spring break began with a sleepover and the traditional suitcase ride to the condo.

Harper finds a spot of sunlight to heal herself from influenza B.

Movie night finds Gus enthralled and wearing a kitchen spider?!

I took Harper to her annual kidney checkup for which she wore her special shirt: “A Kidney Transplant Saved My Life.”

While tramping around our property the kids just wanted to give each other a hug.

H&G found a gentle sidewalk slope to perfect skateboard sledding. Gus’s feet are the brakes, controlled by Harper. Needless to say, a hoot! And only a bit of road rash.

Lots of art. Here Gus is doing a portrait of Grandma.

We found a great pool in Shoreview. As Grandma says, the three of us are in our element!

Post-pool goofiness.

Gus selfie.

Harper selfie.

“Note” app art by Gus. Just add giggles and it is “Spring Break.”