The day before we were to fly out we were going to pack, clean the condo, and pick up Gus from school. But Monday when we got up Karen said she’d been up with a toothache that night and thought she should probably have it checked out. HealthPartners got her in quickly and determined she needed an emergency root canal. So the staff got on it (I was privy to the urgent conversations the dental tech was having with the schedulers: “She has to get in now; she’s leaving to go to Hawaii for 3 weeks!” And they made it happen! Karen’s singing the praises of the HealthPartners Dental Specialty Center in Lake Elmo. No pain at ALL after the procedure.


Not to be left out, I found some excitement too. On the moving walkway at the airport, we were behind an older woman with a walker and luggage who took up more then half the width of the walkway. People with luggage were passing her but when they did they banged into her walker and caused her to be a little tipsy. Karen didn’t see this and as she was not pulling a bag, she went on ahead and thought I was behind her. But I decided to just wait—BAD idea. As the woman got to the end of the walkway she couldn’t manage all her stuff and got all tangled up. I reached down to help free up the walker and luggage but she lost her balance and fell on top of me. So there we were, with the walkway beating me up from the bottom. All I could do was tuck in while people and two dogs went over the top of me. Finally some one found the emergency shut off (it seemed like it took forever but it was probably 30 seconds). Karen thinks I kept the woman from getting seriously hurt by acting as her pillow. My long sleeve shirt kept my skin intact. Bystanders helped the woman up; I took my own time in getting up; I was rattled and needed some time to shake it off. Karen gave me some Advil right away and throughout the trip. Today I feel surprisingly good, just a few aches. Messages: (1) Don’t use a moving stairway if you have a walker. (2) If you’re behind someone with a walker, give them A LOT of space. (3) The next time you’re near one of these walkways, notice where the emergency shutoffs are (there is a plastic window that needs to be lifted to press the shutoff button.)

The flight was blessedly uneventful and we arrived in Maui while it was still daylight (which we love). Richard, JoAnn, Susan, and Cal have been here since Sunday and when we texted them we’d arrived, they invited us over for dinner. So we went directly there. JoAnn made me a gin and tonic (that helped more than the Advil 🙂 and Susan made a beautiful dinner of green salad and a shrimp and pasta dish. When we finished, Karen and I said our goodbyes and headed to the condo to get settled and have a good night’s sleep. Karen said she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.


Today we all walked the beautiful ocean boardwalk to Duke’s for breakfast.

Then Karen and I grocery shopped while the rest of the gang did ocean and sun fun things. Tonight we’re hosting everyone for sunset drinks and dinner.