Wednesday the Gang of Four was invited to our condo for whale watching, sunset honoring, and dinner. Chef Karen sent Chef Cal down to the grill with the marinated chicken skewers; Richard and I had the big, important jobs of keeping Cal company, watching a sea turtle cover itself with sand (JoAnn came down for that), and monitoring the rain showers on Molokai.


Today was Mama’s Fish House Day. As always, the food was beyond delicious: drinks, soup, bread, poi with lomi lomi salmon and chili water, our fish entrees with sides, four desserts to share, coffee with biscotti, and a meal-ending bite of haupia. And the conversation was as wonderful as the meal. All of this in the most beautiful setting imaginable. Yes, it’s my favorite restaurant in the whole world. The poi and lomi lomi salmon were gratis because our server Keala wanted to show us the Hawaiian way to enjoy poi (and we were surprised how much we did enjoy it) and then the desserts, coffee, and biscotti were gratis because we got rained on a bit (sorry JoAnn and Susan). Lovely, lovely, lovely. Then a quick stop at Maui Hands in Paia for a print for Susan and a purse for Karen.