Today was Whale Day. Don, a long-time guide whom we haven’t seen for awhile, was there. The skies were sunny, the winds strong, the seas heavy, and the crew knowledgeable and 20-year-old perky. Last year we noticed the number of whales seemed much less (later confirmed by the official count) and this year too the seas are kind of whale-quiet.



All that fresh air and sunshine gave us healthy appetites to enjoy lunch at the newly remodeled Aloha Mixed Plate. The place looked great (they kept the beach shack vibe), the food was good, and I got to see one of my favorite staff, Julie, who’s waited on us many times over the years but was promoted to management awhile back, so we don’t see her often.

After lunch, back at our respective condos, it was beach and/or nap time. Then Star Noodle for dinner; here’s to Tempura Prawns!