Well that’s a trip to remember!

Karen and I had plans late this afternoon for a sunset/whale watch/concert cruise out of Maalaea Harbor. Amy Hanaialii Gilliom is one of our favorite singers and it was she and her brother, Eric Gilliom, who were to perform.

The weather looked pretty iffy as we started out and when we got to the harbor (which is on the other side of the island) it was blowing hard and raining. The sea was pretty rough and we were disappointed because the cruise would surely be canceled.

So it was quite a shock that we went out anyway amid thunder, lightning, high winds and rough seas. The cruise was only about 1/2 booked, which was a very good thing as we all had to sit inside. The concert equipment had initially been set up outside but as soon as we pulled out of the harbor it was clear the concert was going to take place inside. So Eric rushed around in the storm to get everything set up below deck.

It turned out to be a very intimate setting and I got a seat for Karen right next to Amy (so close that Karen had to make sure she wasn’t in the way as Amy gestured during her performance). I think all the passengers, crew, and performers bonded through this Mother Nature experience. Amy performed brilliantly, as usual, so it was a wonderful concert (and her daughter performed the hula for one song). Karen went up to her at the end to thank her for the performance and Amy kissed her! The concert ended with an unexpected sunset.

The captain said because of the conditions (no whales, that’s for sure) the Pacific Whale Foundation would refund 50% of our fee—very nice gesture. But we had an unbelievably great time. And now we’re home, drying out our clothes.