I’m not a Spam girl but I just had to write about it because it is SO popular here; Hawaiian’s eat more Spam than people in any other state.

They love it so much they created musubi: cooked Spam on top of rice, wrapped in nori. You can find this even at the counter in gas stations. Our server at Mama’s Fish House (who could wax poetic about all the sophisticated menu choices) told us he grew up eating musubi and it is still a favorite snack.

So in the spirit of research, David and I had the “House Made Spamp Musubi” at Aloha Mixed Plate today: “We provide the nori, fuikake-shittake rice and house made spamp, you wrap it up!” Sort of surprisingly, it was delicious!

Spam even inspires criminals. In 2017, there was a rash of Spam thefts in Hawaii. Apparently retailers believe organized crime was involved! Huh?!?