What an exciting day! Are you sitting down? A whale gave birth right in front of our condo!

For over an hour I’d been watching a whale just sitting off shore, not moving, which never happens. MN guests here, Cindy and Bob, had also seen the same thing. They had rented a two-person kayak for the week, so they went to check to make sure the whale wasn’t caught up in fishing lines and needed help. So they were out there, observing, when suddenly a baby whale just popped up. And then breached! Quickly a few escorts whales arrived from Molokai’i and off they all swam. Afterwards Cindy and Bob noticed the placenta floating on the surface.

In other animal news, three green sea turtles beached themselves, which apparently they only do in a few locations around the world, Hawaii being one. When I was taking photos of the turtle on the property next to us, I noticed all their beautiful flowers and couldn’t resist taking some photos.

For lunch we went to Pacific’O, a farm-to-table restaurant (they have their own farm, O’o), which we’ve wanted to try for some time. Our MN condo neighbors, sisters Mary Ann and Mary Therese, highly recommended it, so we made it happen. The setting was a beautiful and the food delicious. For our viewing pleasure, we got to watch a good-sized group getting their first surfing lesson. At the end of the meal I had some of their own farm-grown coffee and purchased a couple bags of beans for home.

Back home, I took a couple of dips in the ocean while Karen read—she’s on her 5th or 6th book. We’ve made two trips to the local Barnes & Noble, but they are moving to the other side of the island next month, so Karen will no longer have easy access and will have to plan ahead.

Before dinner, Karen noticed we needed a few grocery things, so I took a quick trip to the store where I just happened to see two pallets of proof that Hawaiians love their Spam.

No sunset color tonight—very overcast. But I blew the conch at the appointed time and then we ate on the lanai, enjoying the nighttime breeze, tiki torches next door, and the ocean waves. Somehow I missed a sunset picture from last night.  This evening The Star Princess passed by the island.