For this final installment of Textures, Surfer Sue here represents all the cheerful, interesting souls we’ve met here.

David and I met “Surfer Sue” (as her name tag proclaims), a bright, perky woman at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. When I stepped up to the counter to order I was so struck by her happiness that when she later stopped by our table to comment “You seemed to have liked the food” I mentioned she seemed so remarkably happy. She just smiled and said, “As long as I can get out on a surf board, I’m happy.” So surf? She looked to be in her late 60’s, early 70’s and she was strong and agile and working in a fast food restaurant. When was the last time you saw a worker truly happy in such a place? We got to talking and she told us she was originally from Washington, DC but the first time she landed on the tarmac in Hawaii she felt she was home. She does stand up paddling now and loves that she can see what’s beneath the water in a way she couldn’t when she surfed.

David and I left feeling privileged to have met her, as we have with so many, many people in Hawaii.

A hui hou!