Yeah, good time to go!

Cooling our heels during a 4-hour layover in LAX. Interesting flight from MSP. It was so cold—how cold was it?—Boarding was delayed because the lead flight attendant was having trouble getting into work; take-off was delayed because the fuel truck wouldn’t start; there were few snacks/drinks/meals and no ice because that truck wouldn’t start; many of the “lines” in the restroom froze so those restrooms had to be closed. But we were safe and the winds with us so we arrived on time! It should also be mentioned that the pilot was masterful in preemptively calming the passengers.
Enjoying a lovely breakfast at Dukes (whales and rainbows and tradewinds, oh my!) and giving a POG toast to Scott & Richard for introducing us! And wishing they were here of course ….
One of the best things about rain!
Karen whale watching while trying to summon the will to leave to get groceries.
You know you’re in Hawaii when you can buy POG.
Yea! They have our favorite meat cut–tri tip–at Safeway! Our nephew Scott introduced us last year to this cut and we’ve been such fans ever since. Hard to find in Minnesota but we usually can get it at Everetts in Minneapolis. Karen does a dry rub on it, which makes it wonderful to grill and slice as a steak but then the leftovers make fantastic sandwiches and salads.
Personalizing the condo with Gus’s bon voyage banner…
and Harper’s sweet card.
The sands, they are ashiftin’.  Allyn, our property manager said the sand had recently been up to the top of the wall, but over a few days the direction of the waves changed and took all the sand out. The ocean today is much rougher than usual, and the winds much stronger.  The temp is 70, which the locals think is cold (right, Minnesotans?), and they are bundled up in jackets and sweaters. I had on shorts and an aloha shirt and thought it was lovely (though I guess Karen did have on a long-sleeve shirt).