Our beautiful morning boardwalk ritual. The ocean, sky, the islands of Lanai and Molokai across the way, the richly colored flowers and vegetation, and fellow walkers yelling out “Go Gophers” when they see my bright gold MINNESOTA t-shirt.

After our walk, it’s time to check in with emails from the mainland. Maui is four hours earlier than Minnesota. We have been trying to find a good time to FaceTime with Harper and Gus.

After such a busy morning πŸ™‚ we were craving lunch at one of our favorite places, Aloha Mixed Plate. Karen saw this surfboard on the wall with their old logo (our favorite, which is two iterations ago) and used Prisma to make this beautiful photo.

Karen took the picture from the surfboard and made a really cool totem for me to use.

While she was taking photos, I wait for my favorite lunch to arrive, the classic “Aloha Mixed Plate” (the most popular item on the menu): shoyu chicken, teriyaki beef, fresh fish (usually Mahi Mahi), white rice, mac salad. Karen always goes a different direction with kalua pig and cabbage. Both are called “plate lunches,” inspired by the Hawaiian-Philippino-Chinese-Japanese plantation workers shared lunches.

Sand update: it’s still gone! Hopefully it will return soon.

Karen working tri-tip magic. SOOOO good! (She has enough rub for two! Lucky me.) While grilling, we met a guy from Canada who had never heard of tri-tip but wanted to know all about it. So when Karen was slicing it up for our dinner, she sliced a piece for him and had me deliver it. Needless to say, he was thrilled–his face said it all. Spreading aloha with beef cuts!

Such a beautiful setting for dinner with your sweetheart. Which is why we almost always have dinner at the condo.

Karen was saying the palm gestures remind her of hula dancers.