Saturday was rainy. Many beautiful rainbows though–lots more rainbows than sunsets! But the rain is warm and a nice gentle way to live through jet lag.

Karen and I kept hearing this very loud bird call and kept walking out on the lanai to see who it was–we’d never heard such a raucous call. Finally, I saw it, got a photo, and Karen did her google magic and identified it as a Grey Francolin, a type of partridge. Originally from Africa/India, It was introduced to the mainland and Hawaii for hunting. It didn’t survive on the mainland but did fine in Hawaii. Very beautiful coloring.

Karen took this photo today off of our lanai, then used her favorite app Prisma to get this effect.. I love the photo!

Karen posted this on her Facebook page. Hawaiian State Statute … I had no idea a government would ever venture into this territory! Mahalo, Richard, for sending this our way.

Sunday, lots of sun. Whales were kind of few and far between. I need to get more serious about whale watching tomorrow.

I’m not a reader except, kind of strangely, in Hawaii. I don’t know why. Maybe it breaks up whale watching. Started “When Death Becomes Life-Notes from a Transplant Surgeon.” I head the author (Joshua D. Mezrich, MD.) interviewed on NPR and was impressed with his humanity and sense of humor. I also thought I’d like to read it to better understand the kidney transplant my granddaughter received from her mon.