Karen and Melody, the property manager, are working on a history wall for Hoyochi Nikko in the breezeway. Peter, the son of an original owner, has been the keeper of the history and now has shared the stories with us. I know we’ve been so curious about how this little condo came to be, and many of the returning guests have too. This will be a great addition.

Finally today I saw Jody, Cleaning Lady Extraordinaire, while she was working and got to say aloha!

Strangely, this trip, neither one of us has wanted to eat out, except for lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate. Today I remembered to wear my “ancient” AMP t-shirt, with the original logo, which I love and only wear when we eat here. Always a great conversation starter with the many long-time staff.

Always nice to close out with a sunset. Karen said tonight “a place of worship” most closely describes her sense of Hawaii.