Karen first noticed the beautiful color of this morning’s sunrise and I’m glad I didn’t miss it. The colors were stunning in the softest pastel sort of way. (And we were both surprised our phone cameras were able to capture it so accurately.)

Almost all day the island of Molakai was clear. Karen was thrilled she finally figured out windward/leeward and that you can always tell the windward side by the presence of clouds. We’re learning!

Whenever I come out of one of the back rooms and I look up and see this beauty, I’m stopped in my tracks. It happens every time, no matter how long we stay. Karen is stunning also 🙂

The view of Hoyochi Nikko from our lanai. We love that it is just 18 units. Our property manager told us 80% of the guests are return visitors, so we know many of the owners and renters. We also keep in touch with each other through Facebook. It feels like a family.

Karen keeps inventing new drinks. This year she’s blending POG and iced tea. She loves it but I haven’t tried it yet.

We have a banana tree and sometimes we get to be part of the harvest, but this year it doesn’t look like there are any. This banana tree is on the property next door.

Karen and went for our usual walk along the ocean boardwalk. After lunch, I went down to the ocean to read and try out our newly rented umbrella (which wonderfully screws into the ground and is really stable; $17/week). Karen was in the condo working on an editing job and joined me when she finished.

As we were reading, Karen noticed the palm tree pattern above us and took this photo. I love what her eyes see’s and what she does to a photo to highlight it.

One of my favorite traditions is blowing the conch shell at sunset. It reminds me to appreciate the nature and sacredness that is this place. Sunset: 6:19.

and the day ends with…