Isn’t relaxing essential to a great life?

Yeah, and it helps to wake up to this!

A great life in my book includes great coffee. On our first grocery shopping trip, Karen assumed we’d make our usual separate stop at Maui Grown Coffee to pick up some outstanding locally grown coffee. But I was tired of shopping and wanted to get back to the condo. So I said let’s just get store-bought–it’ll be fine. It wasn’t 😉 Yeah, yeah. A great life includes listening to your wife.

Every great life includes some bumps. Our recent “historic” storm downed power lines, grounded many boats, and killed foliage. Property managers around here have been hosing down the shrubs covered in salt water spray, hoping to save the plants. Karen read that the wind gusted to a never-before 191 MPH on the summit of Haleakala.

Parties are included in a great life, right? Well, Monday was Luau Night at what is known as the best luau on Maui: Old Lahaina Luau. After being greeted with a lei and a drink, you can take part in many cultural offerings. Here David O is sampling just-pounded taro, which hasn’t had water added to it and left to ferment. It was very mild and had more texture than poi. Taro is the super-nutritious staple of the native diet.

Watching the pig be unearthed is one of our favorite parts

We made our reservations weeks in advance so we had front row seats. Delicious, traditional Hawaiian foods were served–so many choices, so little room 🙂 After the meal, the Hawaiian history was shared in hula.

A great life includes adventures and today was a find-your-own-adventure day: shopping, having a local brew by the pool, meeting a local gecko as you stop for a drink after a walk along the beach, or simply enjoying the immense beauty around us.

And of course, good friends are an essential part of a great life. After a day of everyone doing their own thing, we gathered for dinner at Hula Grill.