Sunday was another (two in a row!) gorgeous day, the last day with our friends, who have a late evening flight home. Joe and Karen had been thwarted all week from seeing Haleakala because of the winter blizzard, but on this very last day the park re-opened and they headed out early. They also stopped at a beach with more than a dozen green sea turtles.

It was lunch for the rest of us at Frida’s Mexican Beach House. Walter was wearing his “Minnesota Corrections retired & proud” t-shirt, showing his support for Minnesota Corrections staff and he let me take a photo for the “Minnesota Corrections Family” Facebook page. Karen and Julie loved the salsa so much they took a photo of the recipe to make it at home. After lunch we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Karen and I went back to the condo, missing everyone, but we picked ourselves up and sat by the ocean all afternoon, with our fabulous! rented umbrella, reading and just watching the ocean. Back at sunset we snacked on Julie’s homemade cheese ball and enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset. Three more whole days for us.